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Where to Fish - Bass Coast and Surrounds

Bunurong Coast - Inverloch to Cape Paterson
Along the Inverloch-Cape Paterson Road, not far from Inverloch is Flat Rocks and The Caves. These two places are favourite local fishing spots as they are good for Whiting, Snapper and Silver Trevally. It is best to fish at  low tide with a straight line when the sea is calm.

At Cape Paterson there are quite a few good fishing spots. Undertow Bay is good for Mullet and Salmon and around Bay Beach and Browns' Bay produce large Whiting and juvenile Snapper (Pinky). Remember you are not allowed to take reef fish such as Parrot fish, Bluenose Wrasse and Leather Jackets in this area.

Bunurong Marine National Park
Fishing is prohibited in the Bunurong Marine National Park. The Marine Park extends 5 km between the southernmost headland west of "The Oaks" and the headland at the eastern end of "Eagles Nest", and offshore for approximately 3 nautical miles to the limit of the Victorian waters. Strong penalties apply under the National Parks Act for fishing in Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries. For more information, refer to Parks Victoria's Enjoying the Bunurong Coast brochure.

Boating Anderson Inlet - Inverloch
The Bar at the entrance is very dangerous. Do not attempt to cross the Bar if you are inexperienced, or if you boat is underpowered. Speak to the staff at the Inverloch Marine and Automotive for advice.  There are quite a few places where a boat can be launched, including two places in the inlet on the Inverloch side: Maher's Landing and the Inverloch boat ramp.  Maher's Landing is about 5km east of the turn-off into Inverloch from the Bass Highway. Anderson Inlet can be fished from anywhere and a good catch is usually found.

Inverloch Shore Fishing
Main Surf Beach: near Goroke Street is great for surf fishing.

Pensioners Corner: Wyeth's Bay opposite Moller's Caravan Park on Ramsay Boulevard usually produces good catches on the tides (Silver Trevally, King George Whiting, Flathead and Mullet).

The Poles: Opposite the beach end of Abbott Street, a weed bed just off shore is a good spot for King George Whiting, Gummy shark, Juvenile Snapper (pinky) and Flathead.

Bowling Club: Along the Esplanade, good for Flathead, Mullet and Whiting.

Inverloch Jetty: Popular with kids learning to fish, but it can be crowded.

Maher's Landing (5kms SE Inverloch): This spot works well if you cast into the channel, using a fair sized sinker.

Kilcunda Shore Fishing
The most popular surf fishing along this stretch of coast can be accessed from any of the car parks at Kilcunda. Salmon, Trout and Yellow-eyed Mullet can be caught during the day and Gummy and School Shark in the early morning or evening.

Powlett River Fishing
Approximately 12kms from Wonthaggi near Kilcunda, the Powlett River has good fishing at the mouth. Species such as Bream, Perch, Mullet and Salmon can be caught. Surf fishing at night is good for Gummy and School Sharks.

Tarwin River Fishing
This fishing spot is popular for families. Wooden fishing platforms can be easily accessed from River Drive in Tarwin Lower. Yellow-eyed Mullet, Black Bream, Perch and Silver Trevally are some of the species that can be caught in the river.

Harmer's Haven and Wreck Beach (Wonthaggi)
These are both good places for surf fishing. No reef fish are to be taken.

Baxter's Beach and Williamson's Beach (Wonthaggi)
Very popular fishing spots for Salmon and Mullet.

Safety and Weather Reports
Remember to check for regular weather updates on www.bom.gov.au. In an emergency, dial 000 and ask for the Water Police. On weekends and public holidays only, Channel 27.88MHz and VHF16 are the local emergency, general listening and call stations with regular weather updates. marine radios are maintained by Coastguard Western Port.

Rock Fishing
Fishing from rock ledges, submerged rocks, rock faces and rocks that go into the water - is a popular, yet potentially dangerous aquatic sport in Australia. Please ensure appropriate safety precautions are taken when rock fishing. Follow these basic safety tips at all times when rock fishing:

  • Always wear a life jacket
  • Never fish alone
  • Inform others of your plans
  • Wear light clothing and appropriate footwear
  • Carry safety gear - carry a rope and a float
  • Never fish in exposed areas during rough or large seas
  • Observe first, fish later 
  • Plan an escape route in case you are washed in
  • Stay alert
  • Ask for advice from locals who know the area

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Fishing Guidelines
It is a good idea to consult the current Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide. This will ensure that catches comply with appropriate local guidelines. The guide is available from Parks Victoria Offices in San Remo, Fisheries office in Cowes, Visitor Information Centres and good bait and tackle shops in the area.

Recreational Fishing Licences
Anyone from 18 to 70 wishing to participate in any fishing activity will need to purchase a licence. Exemptions apply for Victorian Seniors and Pension card holders. Please consult the current Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide to ensure you are complying with all regulations. 

Licences can be obtained online at www.dpi.gov.au or from:

Inverloch: BP Service Station, Corner Williams and Powlett Streets.

Wonthaggi: BP Service Station, 105 McKenzie Street or Cargill's Sports Stores, 108 Graham Street.

Boat Ramp Permits
Boat Ramp Permits are required in Bass Coast Shire. They can be purchased from Council Customer Service Centres in Inverloch, Grantville and Wonthaggi.

Daily permits can also be purchased from:
Boat ramp machines at Inverloch

Rod Bending's, Inverloch

BP Service Station Inverloch

Inverloch Marine

Local boat ramps include:
Grantville: Pier Road

Maher's Landing: Maher's Landing Road, off Venus Bay Road, Inverloch.

Inverloch: The Esplande

Venus Bay: Fishermans Road